2 Field | Studio

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Fieldwork Meeting October 15th 11.00 am – 4.30 pm


 11.00 am – meet at Signal Box café (on platform) Totnes Railway Station

11.30 am – finding Radix Balthica at the weir, River Dart

1.00 pm – lunch in studio 4, Space Buildings, Dartington

2.00 pm – presentations

David Strang Wandering Snail

Staffan Muller-Wille Synopsis: The Art and Science of Systematics

Stephanie Lavau (response)

3.30 pm tea / general discussion

5.00 pm finish

The day will centre on a humble but widespread aquatic snail Radix balthica an ‘emerging model species’ for scientific enquiry into how biodiversity may respond to climate change. We will get involved in collecting the snail embryos with freshwater ecologist Simon Rundle and members of the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre. In the afternoon there will be presentations and discussion in studio 4, Space Buildings, Dartington.



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