RADIX is a group of cross disciplinary collaborators who embrace inquiry that invites a deep questioning of the relationship between self (humans) and environment. Our interest is in developing shared models and artistic practice. These seek to move away from anthropocentrism: projects are based on interests that include aquatic ecologies, technologies, experimental systems and sited-ness, noise and evolutionary theory. The creative tensions between aesthetics and scientific thought are important to the development of artwork.

RADIX has three core members:

  • Dr. Deborah Robinson: Associate Professor (Reader) in Contemporary Art at Plymouth University (School of Art and Media)
  • Dr. Simon Rundle: Associate Professor (Reader) in Freshwater Ecology at Plymouth University (School of Marine Sciences and Engineering)
  • David Strang: Sound Artist and Lecturer in Music: Technology at Plymouth University (School of Humanities and Performing Arts)

RADIX collaborations take the form of research through practice, with a network of associated members that work together to create a platform for the development of innovative inter-disciplinary research projects that bring together artists, scientists, technologists and social scientists. Using workshops as a catalyst for beginning discussions around a particular idea, usually alongside a field activity, the outcomes include: exhibitions, seminars, projects, symposia and research papers.

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