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©David Strang

7th May 2014

A workshop style event that has been set up to promote dialogue between artists and scientists whose research draws on the transition between the field and the laboratory or studio. The event will take the form of 3-4 short presentations followed by a discussion. The intention is to explore commonalities in the scientific and artistic processes involved in this transition and to bring to this discussion perspectives from the social sciences.

We will explore the conceptualisation, imaginings, recording and interpretation the organism and how these activities relate to field, studio and laboratory. We suspect there may be points of slippage between spatial categories where the practices associated with the disciplines of art and science become hybrid and so invite a deeper level of questioning. Our hope is to enable some diverse models for practice to emerge and be brought into the discussion.


Dr Simon Rundle (biologist)

Dr Deborah Robinson (artist)

Susan Derges (artist)


Bronac Ferran (writer / curator)


Mike Lawson-Smith (Plymouth University)

Dr Astrid Schrader (Exeter University)

Dr Elizabeth Johnson (Exeter University)

Karen Roulston (Plymouth University)

Dr Oliver Tills (MBERC, Plymouth University)

Professor William Blake (Plymouth University)

David Strang (Plymouth University)

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