Diary Entry: 21|10|15

River Dart, Totnes: In attendance Stephanie Lavau, David Strang, Sophie Harbour and Simon Rundle.

In the field

IMG_0324  IMG_0321  IMG_0320

Met 1.00pm Signal Box Café Totnes

Walked to the Weir on the River Dart, Totnes to trial hydrophone, hoping to listen and record the sounds of the river.

Listened to the river in several sites above and below the weir. Results were often quiet because of low movement levels but interesting noises picked up from small shoreline ripples, the movement of canoeists on the water and the low hum of building works being carried out on the weir itself. Other interesting sounds were picked up from listening through the hydrophone to the vibrations made by people crossing the metal bridge just below the weir. Also recorded a ‘silent’ walk.

Much discussion surrounding the seasons and the impact on the river and its ecology but also on the sounds of the river and immediate locality. Also conversations surrounding the history of the river Dart, with reference to the ecology of the river and the high levels of pollution present as recently as 30 or 40 years ago. Also questions raised about the possibility of parts of the river channel being redirected.

Next Stage: To begin riverside interviews (with recreational users, natural historians, river managers, volunteers, scientists); continue with collection of images and sounds of the river.

Recordings: Ripple, Silent Walk, Bridge Vibrations.