Baltic Arts Centre Residency, Gotland – 06/2015

The focus of this residency was to carry out inter-disciplinary research centred around fieldwork and the discovery by Carl Linnaeus of the snail Radix balthica (the Wandering Snail) at a site in Gotland in 1758. Since, its discovery Radix balthica has been found to be widespread throughout North Western Europe where it inhabits a wide diversity of ecosystems, including temporary ponds and ditches, streams and rivers and brackish waters such as the Baltic Sea. Because of its widespread nature it has become a key species for scientific investigations aiming to understand what makes species resistant to environmental change. Continue reading

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Baltic Art Centre

snail 2     snail
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FIELDS Exhibition, RIXC – Video

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Images from Workshop #3 – 10/12/14

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unsettling life/death through cross-disciplinary encounters with marine invertebrates

2014-12-10 16.26.46

Fascinating talk and discussion with Astrid Schrader and Elizabeth Johnson.  More details to follow soon…

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nonhuman subjectivities — ArtLaboratory Berlin


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Linnaeus’ Paper Technologies – Presentation by Staffan Muller-Wille

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 1.36.40 PM

At the recent RADIX workshop (#2 – Field | Studio) Stafffan Muller-Wille gave a fascinating presentation on Linnaeus, mapping, lists and much more.

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Images from Workshop #2

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Workshop #2 – Field | Studio

IMG_2229 copy

Fieldwork Meeting October 15th 11.00 am – 4.30 pm

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Wandering Snail (Radix balthica)

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Radix balthica, the wandering snail, is found throughout NW Europe. Because of its tolerance for extreme and varied environmental conditions this species is an excellent model for determining the traits which species might possess that could be beneficial for survival under altered environmental conditions, such as climate warming and increased saline intrusion into freshwaters.

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