Baltic Arts Centre Residency, Gotland – 06/2015

The focus of this residency was to carry out inter-disciplinary research centred around fieldwork and the discovery by Carl Linnaeus of the snail Radix balthica (the Wandering Snail) at a site in Gotland in 1758. Since, its discovery Radix balthica has been found to be widespread throughout North Western Europe where it inhabits a wide diversity of ecosystems, including temporary ponds and ditches, streams and rivers and brackish waters such as the Baltic Sea. Because of its widespread nature it has become a key species for scientific investigations aiming to understand what makes species resistant to environmental change. Continue reading

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Baltic Art Centre

snail 2     snail
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FIELDS Exhibition, RIXC – Video

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Images from Workshop #3 – 10/12/14

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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unsettling life/death through cross-disciplinary encounters with marine invertebrates

2014-12-10 16.26.46

Fascinating talk and discussion with Astrid Schrader and Elizabeth Johnson.  More details to follow soon…

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nonhuman subjectivities — ArtLaboratory Berlin


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Linnaeus’ Paper Technologies – Presentation by Staffan Muller-Wille

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At the recent RADIX workshop (#2 – Field | Studio) Stafffan Muller-Wille gave a fascinating presentation on Linnaeus, mapping, lists and much more.

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