2 | Transpositions | 2012


Transpositions was an installation artwork created by Deborah Robinson whilst artist in residence with Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre, Plymouth University.

transpositions  transpositions 2
The artwork features film produced by biologist Oliver Tills showing first life of an aquatic embryo Radix balthica, used in the study of species development and evolution. The visual image is part of a rigorous mapping process involving observation, digital documentation and data extrapolation. In the artwork, the imagery is projected onto the mirror-like surface of dark liquid, held in a round, shallow glass tank. The presence of the viewer intermittently causes a probe to dip into the pool, disturbing the perfect surface, and transforming the projected imagery into ripples of light that are reflected onto the adjacent wall. Removed from a laboratory setting (its origin) and reflected in the dark well-like form (somewhere between a petri dish and a conduit into another world), the image is disrupted and
transposed, hinting at uncertainties in the space between the boundaries of science and art.

Transpositions was exhibited as a solo exhibition at the Peninsula Arts Gallery (Plymouth, UK) from 17th April until 26th May 2012.

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