RADIX Core Projects

IMG_0897Cross disciplinary projects are an integral part of the RADIX collaborators way of working. RADIX core members, Debbie Robinson, Simon Rundle and David Strang (pictured left on the River Dart at Totnes, Devon) have since the group was formed in 2011 worked together on Wandering Snail (an exhibition the Fields Art + Communication Festival in Riga, Latvia) ATRIA (an immersive sound installation exploring the interface between Art, Science and Technology by remapping cardiovascular development) and the upcoming Noisy Embryos exhibition (an exploration of noise, vibration and the history of embryology) which is due to take place at the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge in 2017.

RADIX Extended Network Projects

SignsofLifeRADIX core members also work with an extended network of collaborators and associate members from a broad range of disciplines including sociologists, biologists, geographers, scientists, artists, and curators. Two recent projects include Signs of Life (lay and expert apprehensions of environmental change and uncertain ecological futures) a project that is a joint venture between the Faculty of Science and Environment and the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Plymouth University. The inter-disciplinary team includes: Dr Stephanie Lavau (School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences; Dr Deborah Robinson (School of Art and Media); Dr Simon Rundle (School of Marine Science and Engineering). Three external partners are on the advisory panel for this project: Dr Harriet Hawkins (Royal Holloway University of London), Olivia Durkin (Westcountry Rivers Trust), and Paula Orrell (River Tamar Project). Professor Will Blake (Geography, Plymouth) will be an internal member of the advisory panel.



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