A third key strand of the RADIX group’s work involves workshops. These workshops intend to promote dialogue between artists and scientists whose research draws on the transition between the field and the laboratory or studio and to explore commonalities in the scientific and artistic processes involved in this transition.

The Studio | Field | Laboratory aspect of the workshops is important and the day long events usually reflect this format by starting with some fieldwork, followed by presentations and ending with a group discussion. The intention is to use the workshops as a catalyst for promoting ideas, discussion and ultimately the formation of new collaborations and beginning new projects.

IMG_0919To date there have been three workshops, the first Laboratory | Studio | Field took place on the 7th May 2014 and was an initial discussion between core RADIX members and a selection of associate members on the conceptualisation, imaginings, recording and interpretation of the organism and how these activities relate to field, studio and laboratory. The session also included a few short presentations by Simon Rundle, Deborah Robinson and Susan Derges.


The second workshop Field | Studio took place on October 15th 2014 with an initial meet at the Signal Box Café on the Railway Station in Totnes. The day included presentations from Staffan Muller-Wille, David Strang and Stephanie Lavau and fieldwork on the River Dart. 


unsettling lifeThe third workshop Laboratory | Field | Studio which took place at Exeter University on the February 4th, 2015 was a cross disciplinary research generation workshop that considered how in light of climate change and new threats to life on earth and in the ocean, cross disciplinary collaborations seem crucial. 

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