On the interplay between a snail and an algorithm

There is a recent interview with Radix about the “Wandering Snail (Radix balthica)” available to read on the we-make-money-not-art site.

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FIELDS Exhibition @RIXC

This gallery contains 12 photos.

The Wandering Snail (Radix balthica) project was recently installed in Riga, Latvia for the FIELDS Exhibition organised by RIXC.               

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Wandering Snail (Radix balthica) ~ audio

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Radix Sort


Within the project Wandering Snail (Radix balthica) the Radix Sort algorithm is explored to mediate between the human and the snail.

You can find out more details about this algorithm that dates back to the development of early tabulating machines here.

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The Broken Mirror ~ Armin Medosch

Here is a link to the keynote speech “The Broken Mirror – art after the dreamworld of utopia” for the FIELDS Exhibition given by curator Armin Medosch.

Always worth checking out his site: The Next Layer

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